Kurodaiya Tactical training (the fighting system of Kurodaiya) is primarily intended as an addition to standard Kickboxing, Boxing, semi-contact, full contact, MMA and grappling. The Kurodaiya system has been developed since 1990 and tested by dedicated professionals with varied disciplines in the world of martial arts, self-defense, police and armed forces (military close combat). By applying new scientific insights the biomechanical process into Kurodaiya is the latest stage in the evolution of martial arts and self-defense. The techniques are specifically designed to learn quickly, and easy. Kurodaiya has no fixed (drill) patterns. Especially contest fighters, both amateur and professional, will improve their qualities and results dramatically.

At this moment we are looking for more experienced amateur or professional game fighters who want to become proficient in the Kurodaiya system, to apply and to recognize in the ring.

Within these tactical styles, we do not use blocks, but we learn we optimally counter any punch or kick to counter them simultaneously effective. This not only prevents personal injuries and pain but also creates better and faster counter options. The defense is only effective.

Minimum effort with maximum effectiveness

By scientifically based principles with regard to optimum balance, position, and use of dynamics/kinetics, it is possible to generate more power with less effort by using the right muscles for the correct movement. This allows you to be more relaxed during the (ground) combat, react faster, better distribute forces, and you waste less energy which creates more concentration and stable reflexes. You learn to make better use of dynamics and biomechanics for the fight. These principles are different than in popular styles, but easy to learn.

Double defense and attack

In Kurodaiya system is the defense not block or slip, but every defense has a counter-attack. One action one reaction principle. Thus, there is extracted a lot of time and the action could be faster and more effective than that of a normal opponent.

Interruption and balance disturbance

An additional advantage of the foregoing principles is that any attack or action of the opponent can be easily interrupted, and is taken over by the own attack, causing a second attack is no longer possible or is not effective. The opponent can not finish his action because lack of time to defend himself.

Fast action encounters, and without required special agility

The stance, position,  defense,  and techniques you learn in Kurodaiya provide instantaneous explosive action and counters, from a relatively relaxed position. The defense is optimal, either standing or on the ground, and high kicks are basically not in the system, because they provide many opportunities and advantages to the adversary. Because of this, flexibility is not required (but of course allowed).

Optimal position, location, and fist position (use of the fist is different)

The stance that we use in Kurodaiya ensures optimum balance and defense capabilities. The ground position ensures optimum escapement and avoiding having to undergo submissions. Also allows the use of takeover techniques and taking over the Mount position easier. The first setting is called the ‘Diamond Fist’, so named because of the characteristic attitude and the brutal impact that does slightly remind you of the qualities of a fist-sized diamond. The first setting is much sturdier and more stable and has more impact than traditional ‘straight’ use of the fist in most martial arts. The risk of injury to your wrist remains minimal.

Better defenses against round punches, elbows, and knees

The biomechanical principles of Kurodaiya are also applied to defending against round punches, elbows, and knees, so you do not have to use blocks, you do not have to dodge (diving, skidding, ..) or cash, and its own balance is not disturbed. The counter is lightning fast and takes care of both the attack and the defense directly.

Better defenses against low kicks

Low kicks are not defended with a short block, but either completely avoided in the Kurodaiya system without position or balance sheet loss or interrupted by the own defense/attack. The opponent will not be able to finish his shovel and yourself you can best use its balance disturbance. These counters are very effective.

Better defenses against high kicks

High kicks are not absorbed by the body but defused, and the leg of the attacker used against him, which create the most of his imbalance, and he immediately can be pinned in a submission on the ground, if desired.

Optimal attack/impact angle

Because of the Kurodaiya fist setting each punch that makes contact with the body is  more effective than a standard punch. You can control and manipulate your opponents distance and position. These fist setting make it possible to have different attack angles, and make conventional angles of attack more effectively. You learn not to waste time and energy on less useful points of contact, but completely to focus on only the most sensitive and effective points of contact. This increases the chances of making KO’s and ‘break’ dramatically from the grip of submissions. On the ground, you still have plenty of room (you hardly need space) to implement effectively the punches, and to carry out rapid submissions and take-overs of Kurodaiya.
The Kurodaiya Tactical fighting system is NOT a combination of other  welknown styles or systems. The  technics are original and the principles are unique. The system and techniques can be used as a tactical additoin to complement your own martial arts. It may be that from a distance the techniques exhibit similarity with existing martial arts or martial arts styles, but this is not the case. Kurodaiya is a complete unique system with unique underlying principles and strategies of which the the tactics, and techniques are tested by professionals..

If you are openminded and want to expereince the revolution in Martial art, feel free to come to our main location for a detailed explanation or a trial lesson or invite the founder at your own dojofor a workshop.

Experiencing is believing!