zelfv.voor vrouwenzelverdediging voor vrouwen

Kurodaiya has developed unique tactics and techniques in which mental and physical aspects are interwoven. A good posture (stay in balance) gives confidence, makes you strong and teaches you set limits. This makes them mentally and physically more confident and stronger, make them feel more at ease. You not only strengthen your physical and mental toughness, but also the confidence in yourself! We teach no false sense of safety.

The innovative simple and very practical Kurodaiya techniques, women can use to learn to defend successfully, even against larger and stronger men as needed. With minimal use of your strength, touch and movement you can reach your targeted with maximum results. No use is made of traditional blocks. The program is realistic and focused on the most common cases of violence that women can face. Defending against weapons is extensively discussedand trained.

On request there can be trained for a specific situation.

Raise awareness and increase self-confidence are our top priority. A training program is provided exclusively by qualified teachers with a thorough knowledge of how to deal with violence against women.