Advanced tactical training for MMA fighters and Grapplers.

At MMA training and competitions, a lot of use is made of a lot of unnecessary effort and effort, so sometimes the goal is passed. MMA fighters must practice different styles/disciplines in order to perform well. MMA stands for Mixed Martial Art. But MMA is just what a normal person would do if they ended up in a fight. They will bump and kick and hold and go to the ground through balance disturbance.

The constant change of principles and philosophy can take a lot of time and lead to long training courses to make it their own. Kurodaiya is a complete system that uses the same principle and philosophy to be able to kick, bump, hold and fight on the ground. Kurodaiya can be learned in a very short time and used in a fight.

Kurodaiya uses new innovative insights. By using the right muscle for the right movement you are able to make minimum contact, move minimally and use minimal strength, to perform much more during an MMA competition. You will be able to sustain a fight for longer.