Kurodaiya is “the Next Generation” Self-defense/ fighting system, originated from the Netherlands, based on the philosophy of the MAHABHARAT ( violence ends where respect begins) and the principle of Mahatma Gandhi (non-violence behavior)


It attacks with kicks and punches, but it is not Karate or Taekwondo.

It defends with clamps and chokes, but it is not Jiu-Jitsu and Kenpo.

It works with grips and throws, but it is not Judo or Aikido.

It uses gloves, weapons and pressure points, but it is not Nin- Jitsu or (kick ) boxing.

It looks like that what you already know, but is not a mix of different styles or systems.

[ / pull quote ] Kurodaiya is an internationally practical self-defense system based on a small number of techniques that can universally be taught. It is not similar to other systems / or styles and techniques but in terms of developing a few steps further. It uses Bio – Mechanical principles, balance control and disturbance, and simple but effective techniques. It does not use traditional blocks, but the preference is given to neutralizing and de-escalating defenses and counters and techniques which cause a disruption to balance, resulting in a drop- attack that is no longer effective. Within Kurodaiya we do not fight to defend us, but we follow the attack and control the person to ensure that he/she cannot perform further attacks. Then you can continue to perform your actions according to your need to feel safe. (Non-aggressive and proportionate) .

This can be achieved by using the right muscle for the right action to defend the first attack and control the opponent with the minimum use of force, touch and movement control so that a follow-up attack is no longer possible.  If you use too much force, it goes against you. You power becomes your enemy ! If you make unnecessary movements, you easily lose your balance and cannot act optimally. If you make too much contact with your opponent, you make him / her stronger.

The Kurodaiya system assumes that you always have a stronger opponent, which is faster and will perform many attacks in a row. In practice, you only have a split second to react to an attack with a defense or counterattack. [ Pull quote style = ” right” quote = “light ” ] Kurodaiya literally means black diamond . A diamond in original condition is actually black. By polishing and cutting of the edges, one can create many facets. So it is with the techniques of Kurodaiya. They are subject to change . [ /Pull quote ]

The Kurodaiya system distinguishes between art, self-defense, and sports.

Art is good for the health and maintaining the body but enough for self-defense

Sports is good for competition to score points, but not enough for self-defense

Self-defense should be practical and effective and does not include any “dummy” training and any follow-up reactions on one action of the attacker.

It is not that a good fighter in a match by definition is a good defender in actual combat. But someone who can defend in a real fight, well, can be a good fighter in a match. ( Something to think about ) .

Many self- defense programs are working with dummy techniques and therefore very often miss their target. Everything is still practiced in stationary situations. The attacker places one attack and then he does nothing with the other hand or legs. This is not realistic. Usually, there is always a reaction take place on any (fast ) action of the defender.

In real practical situation you need to be aware of that:

You will be moved and every movement has a purpose.

There will be multiple attacks occur. It ‘s not just that one act.

Everything is must be practiced in motion, as it happens in reality.

Everyone will benefit from the techniques of Kurodaiya program because they are very practical and effective and therefore very real. It is to be learned a very short time and to carry out and to be applied in the practice.

Kurodaiya is :

New and revolutionary De-escalating and 100 % proportional ( within the law )

Has the ALPHA FACTOR (NON-aggressive behavior )
Increases performance for martial artists
Based on inner peace in conflict and violence situations
Based on the scientific principles of Bio – Mechanics Tested and perfected in real life (street ) violence situations

The Kurodaiya techniques you do not need years of training to get you to defend optimally. Read the testimonial page.

Kurodaiya uses the belt system as in the traditional Japanese styles!