Kurodaiya is “the Next Generation” Self-defense/ fighting system, originated from India, based on the philosophy of the MAHABHARAT ( violence ends where respect begins) and the principle of Mahatma Gandhi ( nonviolence behavior)

It attacks with kicks and punches, but it is not Karate or Taekwondo.

It defends with locks and chokes, but it is not Jiu Jitsu and Kenpo.

It works with grips and throws, but it is not Judo or Aikido.

It makes use of gloves, weapons and pressure points, but it is not Nin-Jitsu or (kick) boxing.

It looks like some styles you already have experienced and that what you already know, but is not a mix of different styles or systems.







The basis is a small number of techniques that almost anyone can learn it. It is not similar to other systems / or styles and techniques, but in terms of development a few steps further. It uses Bio – Mechanical principles, balance control, and disturbance therefore simple, but effective techniques. Kurodaiya does not use blocks , but preference is given to neutralizing and de-escalating defences and counters and techniques that cause imbalance, causing a drop attack is no longer effective. Within Kurodaiya we do not fight to defend ourselves, but we follow the attack and make sure it does not escalate. Then you can perform further actions (proportionate) depending on the need to feel safe.

This can be achieved by using the right muscles for the right motion. The first attack we defend with minimum use of power, contact and movement in order to make sure that a follow-up attack is no longer possible. If you use too much power, this will work against you. It will make the opponent stronger by allowing him to perform more resistance. If you make unnecessary movements, you get out of balance and you cannot act optimally. If you have too much contact with your opponent, you make him / her stronger.

The Kurodaiya system assumes that you always have a stronger opponent, which is faster and many attacks in a row will do. In practice, you only have a split second to respond to an attack with a defence or counterattack.

Kurodaiya literally means black diamond. A diamond in its original state is actually black. By sharpening, you can create many facets. So it is with the techniques of Kurodaiya. They are subject to change.

The Kurodaiya system distinguishes between self-defence and martial arts.

A good fighter in a match by definition is not a good defender in actual combat.

But someone who can defend well in a real fight, can be a good fighter in a match. (Something to think about).

Many self-defence / resilience programs work with dummy techniques and often miss their target. Everything is still practiced in stationary situations. After one attack the defender can apply many motions to eliminate the attacker. This is not realistic.

You will be moved, every movement has a purpose.
There will be multiple attacks occur. It’s not just that one act.
The Kurodaiya system does not have this kind of deceptive techniques.
Everything is practiced in motion, as it really happens.
We defend the attack to prevent another attack, by controlling the person.

Everyone will benefit from the techniques of Kurodaiya program because they are very practical and realistic and therefore very effective. It is in a very short period of time to learn and to carry out and to apply in practice.

Kurodaiya IS:Innovative and revolutionary
De-escalating and 100% proportional (within the law enforcement)
The ALPHA FACTOR (NON aggressive dominance)
Performance-enhancing for martial artists
Based on inner peace in conflict and violence situations
Based on scientific principles of Bio-Mechanics
Tested and perfected in real life (street) violence situations

Kurodaiya is NOT:

Graceful, redundant, acrobatic and dance-like movements
(which does not work in practical applications in violent situations)
Tough sparring or boxing / bag work training which causes injuries.
Aggressive or use excessive force

With Kurodaiya techniques one does not need years of training to use it for optimal personal defence. Read the testimonial page.

Kurodaiya uses the belt system as in the traditional Japanese styles!