In addition to the martial arts and other systems that you can find at Kurodaiya you can learn judo with us

Come and enjoy sports at Kurodaiya Training & Education Center

Judo is fun!

Besides the great physical benefits that the Judo training offers, you also learn respect and discipline , make new friends and it’s good for your  social development .

Judo is a very convenient and educational sport for youth. You learn to fall safely, role, and defend yourself too!

KTEC has their own dojo (traininghall with judo mat) where your friends or parents can  wait and watch if they want, while you learn Judo through games, healthy and responsible movement and playfully exercises.

In the dojo, all  teachers are trained in first aid and certified as Budo teacher .

Kurodaiya KIF is a member of the Association, and all members are insured against accidents Of course, the teachers take all measures at all times  to prevent major or minor accidents which barly happen.

Judo is a very safe sport , and besides using fall mats is always practiced with policy and management . The teacher makes sure that everyone abides the rules and treat each other with respect.

The Judo training build your social and physical intelligence. You learn to control , to build a very good balance and develop. Physical communication [/ pull quote] You learn breakfall techniques and role techniques to  make sure you fall safer, not only in the dojo but also on the street. Throws and ground fighting make sure you learn to defend against bullying and aggression. By regularly playfully competition with other students, you get to know yourself and your abilities and character are being develop. This gives a boost in your self-confidence.

For more information or a trial lesson, call: 06-55801701 or send us an email.