Welcome at KTEC (Kurodaiya Training  Education & Consult) for

  • Training: By applying the biomechanisch proces: JudoKatanaKurodaiya Self defenseMMAKickboxing en Boxing , Wrestling , Fall training for horse riding
  • Education: training and certification as Instructor KurodaiyaBudo Teaching qualification, and Teacher Violence control, courses, masterclasses  and workshops.
  • Coaching: (mental) overcoming fears, preventing and treatment of stress, burn-out and other (physical and mental) problems. Also in competition training te perform better.
  • Health : Yoga, Indian Clubtraining and massage (for recovery and maintainance of the body).
  • Safety: Self defense courses especially for girls and women, who wants to prevent becoming a victim of(sexual) violence, intimidation and abuse. We make women aware and make them strong enough (socially, physically and mentally) to cope with these situations and they learn simple and practical techniques to defend themselves.

KTEC offers a variety of innovative activities (Massage, Yoga, Indian Club training, Self-defense, Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA). The emphasis is on SOCIAL, PHYSICAL AND MENTAL awareness. KTEC is the only one that provides training in the INNOVATIVE and REVOLUTIONARY, patented self defense / fighting system KURODAIYA. All activities are intended to tackle socieal problems in the field of ​​Sport, Health, Safety and Well-being, based on principles and philosophy of KURODAIYA “The next generation self defense / fight system”. At KTEC you can experience  what the usefulness is and what the possibilities are of sports in an innovative way, in which the biomechanical process is addressed. This way you also learn to correct your posture.

Experiencing is believing!

Basic Principles

Strike defence

Ground fighting, boxing en kickboxing

KURODAIYA “The revolution in Martial Art”

Kurodaiya, also known as the “two fingers” system, gives you real security when it comes to self-defense, keeps you fit and healthy and makes you aware of the possibilities to participate in martial arts safely and without injury. All this by using minimal force, minimal contact and minimal movement which is characteristic of this system.

Violence ends where respect begins, by acting non-aggressively, de-escalating and 100% proportional if you are dealing with violence and aggression . The principles come from the application of the biomechanical process in the human body. Aggressive behavior leads to escalation and non – aggressive behavior leads to de – escalation.

A Kurodaiya training gives you MENTAL EMPOWERMENT. The self-confidence gets a huge boost. If you practice Kurodaiya, you can participate in all competitive sports, both semi and full contact, without having to practice different martial arts separately.

Why should you practise Kurodaiya

Innovative and revolutionary by applying the biomechanical process of the human body. You do not have to practice kickboxing, boxing, Karate, Judo etc. in order to defend yourself against this. Practicing Kurodaiya is enough.
A non-aggressive, communicative attitude prevents 50% of the attacks and gives you a mental state of mind, so the adrenalin boost is left out.
Respectful, non-aggressive, de-escalating and 100% proportional (according to legal requirements).
Kurodaiya works directly to a de-escalation from the first reaction.
In order to defend ourselves we don’t fight (escalate), but work directly to a de-escalation by restricting and controlling the gross motor movements of an aggressor, whereby he is physically and mentally demotivated. The gross motor movements of the attacker are limited, making the body weak and unable to place effective follow-up attacks.
It is not a mix of strong elements from existing styles and has no “Dummy” training. (An aggressor moves and reacts, it is not a static doll (dummy) Defend and fight without using painful blocks.
Innovative fist setting (diamond fist), effective from any position.
No use of ” round ” punches, elbows, knees and high kicks.
Action – reaction principle.
New philosophy and principles.
By training in one system and principles you can participate in all kinds of competitions (full contact, semi contact, boxing, kickboxing, MMA, Wrestling, Judo, Grappling etc.)

Kurodaiya Violence Management

This is the part of Kurodaiya, specially developed for professionals with an increased risk of violence and aggression during work. This training includes a theoretical and a practical part in which we teach you how to deal with violence and aggression by non-aggressive, de-escalating and 100% proportional action. Kurodaiya violence management is a “work-related training” module, where mental and physical resilience are interwoven to achieve the desired result and extra self-confidence is reinforced. (Violence ends where respect begins!) All tailored programs can easily be added to existing professional or business protocols, policies or specific needs of the target group.

Kurodaiya for the citizens

By practicing Kurodaiya, children, women and men get more self-confidence in a very short time and will dare to stand up for themselves if they are faced with aggression or bullying, both at work, on the street (playground) and at school. school. If they are faced with physical aggression, they will be able to defend themselves effectively, even against stronger opponents. The body posture and development of motor skills are also closely monitored and adjusted where necessary. Mental and physical development is hereby strengthened and promoted.

Kurodaiya International Federation

The head office of (KTEC) Kurodaiya and KIF (Kurodaiya International Federation) is located in the Netherlands. KIF is the overarching body for KTEC and Kurodaiya Violence Management. KIF ensures accreditation and recognition of certificates and diplomas of Instructors, Budo teachers and Violence Management teachers.