If Kurodaiya seems interesting to you, you can participate in competitions.

The philosophy and techniques of Kurodaiya are a very good addition for any fighter in any style. From semi contact to MMA. Within the Kurodaiya system, we train without using blocks with the legs or arms .. This is to prevent unnecessary injuries, both during training and during the preparation of a fight, but also during a fight.

All training takes place according to the Kurodaiya philosophy. Use the right muscles for the right movements. You are able to achieve maximum results with the minimal use of your strength, movement, and contact.
With our knowledge and techniques, we can train you for that and you will see that Kurodaiya will also be very effective during these competitions.

Experienced and less experienced martial arts can receive additional TACTICAL training in the following categories, to raise their competition and sparring skills to a higher level. Kurodaiya practitioners can participate in the following forms of competition:

Randori / Self-defense,
Semi contact,
Light contact continuous fight (2 minutes),
Full contact,
Close combat,
Grappling/submission, MMA, Wrestling, Judo
Kick Boxing and Boxing without blocks!

We adapt ourselves to the rules and conditions of the relevant game type.