The “Code of Conduct” describes what KTEC organization stands for and what its rational motives for its activities are.

It shows that we ourselves are aware of our position in society and what impact we have on it. We know our responsibilities and want to clarify as much as possible!

We want to be as transparent as possible for anyone who wants to know us better, but we will not compromise our own values and standards.

“As the thinking of people are different, so that some can more easily than others embrace some form of belief, because what for the one leads to prayer could for the other one lead to mockery, I conclude that everyone should be free to provide for themselves to choose the basis of his belief and that faith should be judged only on the fruit that it produces … “

(Baruch Spinoza, 1632-1676)


It is the mission of Kurodaiya® to make everyone aware of the possibilities for themselves and their loved ones on a NON-AGGRESSIVE, DE-ESCALATING and100% PROPORTIONAL way to learn to protect against any form of violence both mentally and physically.

We respect everyone regardless of race, religion, social status and imperfections.

We protect the vulnerable in our society and help them where possible.

We use Kurodaiya® only for (self) defense.

We are not a pacifist organization but adamantly condemn the use of excessive and gratuitous violence.

We will never use what is learned to malicious actions.

The degree of defense will always be proportional to the degree of threat.

We do not think of good and evil and in being right or wrong, we believe in and natural balance.

We will not argue about our code of conduct, it is supported or not.