After having considered very well, I, Krishna Gopal, Founder of Kurodaiya, decided to expel members Winston Arrias (5 years active) and Sidney Sakko (8 years active) from Kurodaiya Capelle Aan Den IJssel on December 13, 2017. They may no longer receive training and participate in Kurodaiya related activities. Nor should they teach Kurodaiya.




If Kurodaiya seems interesting to you, you can participate in competitions. The philosophy and techniques of Kurodaiya are a very good addition for any fighter in any style. From semi contact to MMA. Within the Kurodaiya system, we train without using blocks with the legs or arms .. This is to prevent unnecessary injuries, both during training and during the preparation of a fight, but also during a fight. All training takes place according to the Kurodaiya philosophy. Use the right muscles for the right movements. You are able to achieve maximum results with the minimal use of your strength, movement, [...]


Interview RTV


Following the violent behavior of the police, that here can be seen, Rotterdam Rijnmond TV has made an interview with Krishna Gopal. The article and interview is here to view and to listen. http://www.rijnmond.nl/nieuws/20-06-2012/deze-mate-van-geweld-niet-nodig . For anyone who likes it, here is also the recordings of the interview: 

Interview RTV2018-09-29T11:37:50+00:00



Unfortunately, as the founder of KURODAIYA, I have to announce that as of April 29, 2013, I have disbanded Indrani Boedhram as a black belt of KURODAIYA. This means she no longer has any privileges. She is not allowed to receive training from anyone and she herself can not teach in the KURODAIYA style or in a Kurodaiya program. She can no longer use the name and the slogan. It may not provide demos, courses or workshops and no longer participate in activities of KURODAIYA This cancellation has nothing to do with personal situations, but purely with the behavior of Indrani [...]

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