Self-defense for Children

Kids learn how to put and maintain boundaries. They learn how to deal with bullying matters.

We keep a good observation of their posture and the motion of their body. We give advise if there is a reason to be concerned to the parents. In a playful way, they learn to build up their self-confidence and discipline.


Self-defense for women

They learn to defend themselves against all kind of attacks that deals with domestic and sexual violence, intimidation and abuse.  We teach them how to avoid this and or to deal with. We make them aware of the possibilities and the limitations which are also possibilities.


Kickboxing and Boxing

Tactical kickboxing and boxing for professionals, without using the traditional blocks. Advantages: Faster knockouts, less injury, better stamina through minimal effort.


Grappling and MMA

Tactical training in innovative insights. By making minimal contact at least to move and use minimal force can get much more performance and can last longer.



Learning how to draw a sword and cutting techniques,  with a katana.