valtraining certificaat


Panic comes out of fear and fear comes out of lack of knowledge and skills.

By doing a course where you can learn how to fall safely you can get knowledge and skills. you become aware of what really happens when you fall and how you can make this fall with fewer injuries.

If you don’t have this knowledge, you will always be anxious and have fear to fall from a horse, motorbike, bike, skate etc. because you can not prevent from falling. You will have to deal with it in a very safe.

We give you the knowledge and skills during this fall training of Kurodaiya in which we follow the principles of the biomechanical process that will allow you to fall with fewer injuries.

During the fall training at Kurodaiya, you also learn how to conquer your fears.

It is not a fall training as in Judo or Aikido, but more practical from the insight of the horse-riding or motorcycling, etc., and the anatomy of the body. You learn to adopt the right attitude when you come to fall to avoid injury as much as possible during the fall in real situations.